One Peaceの会

服装: ワンピース!!!

日時: 2月1日(日曜日)11時より

目的: 宇宙平和 & おしゃべり & Entertainment大歓迎

天気: 30度前後だとOK、でも35度を越えたらNO

場所: City近くの Carlton Gardens

持ち物: お弁当、お菓子(千円以内、果物は除く; )、敷物
(Friends of Comfort Women Australia )がオーガナイズする

To support "Comfort Women" who are victims/survivors of
Japanese military sexual slavery during WWII. There is one
in Australia and approx. 100-150 still surviving in Korea, China,
Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea,
Netherlands... The estimated number of total victims are at 200,000.

Local independent guitarist Leigh Slogett will be
playing for us original blues/roots/folk music.

Wines and soft drinks will be available for a gold coin donation.

You can write a direct message to survivors for
International Women's Day coming up in March.

You can support FCWA lobbying Australian pollies
to pass a motion in House of Representatives in 2009.

Interesting and nice people will be there – hoping to attract 30 or more.

You can just drop by for a drink or stay the whole day picnic-ing around.

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